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Boats are getting bigger and better with these hot design trends

From new design styles and amenities to groundbreaking technology like self-sailing ships, the yacht scene is becoming even more luxurious. Here, we’ll discuss four major trends influencing this year’s boat market. If you’re interested in seeing these trends in person, be sure to visit the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

1. Boats Are Bigger than Ever

Space is a key aspect of any luxury boat. Extra square footage allows for a boat to house all the trendiest amenities while still giving owners plenty of room to enjoy the space. Since open floor plans have emerged in the interior design sector, yachts have grown to accommodate the spacious trend and lifestyle as well.

While looking for your next boat, you’re sure to encounter designs that are bigger and better than ever, with some mega-yachts measuring several hundred feet in length. What’s even more impressive is that designers are creating ultra-sleek designs as these boats continue to grow in size.

2. All the Amenities

You can now take your boat on an excursion without having to leave anything behind. All the comforts of home are available on your mobile watercraft. Everything—from saunas to beauty salons, helipads to cinema rooms and gyms—is available on today’s yachts.

With these high-end amenities, you’ll be able to entertain guests and keep yourself in shape while on the go. Plus, you can enjoy luxury amenities while breathing fresh sea air and taking in gorgeous views of the ocean.

3. Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Features

When you’re out on the water, you don’t want to feel confined in a windowless living space. Yacht designers understand this, and they’ve created the ultimate yacht designs that incorporate plenty of glass to give you prime ocean views.

In addition, natural elements are now seen within the interior walls of yachts. At-home gardens, earthy textures, and plenty of natural light are used to create a seamless transition between the deck and the air-conditioned zones of yachts.

4. Pool Position

On-deck pools provide yacht owners with ultimate relaxation space. Here, you can cool off after a day in the sun while sipping on decadent cocktails. Pools are frequently positioned on the foredeck of yachts in order to provide more privacy. Keep in mind, one of the greatest ways to make a statement and enjoy the water on your yacht is with an infinity pool.

Be sure to keep these four trendy yacht designs in mind as you purchase your upgraded yacht or redesign your existing watercraft. And, if you’re hoping to purchase a Port Royal waterfront home, reach out. It would be our pleasure to help you find the oceanfront property of your dreams. Find exclusive Naples real estate and homes for sale in Naples fl at GCIP. 


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