Winter Fishing is Heating Up


It turns out you’re not the only one who enjoys Naples from November through May.  There are several species of game fish that winter in Naples as well due to cooler waters.  Stone Crab season opened October 15th and when the water is cooler Tripletail can often be found waiting to ambush baitfish on the crab trap lines.  Around this time of year Kingfish or King Mackerel also begin to show up and stay in the area for the next several months.  While Red Grouper migrate further offshore, Gag Grouper can be found closer in. Mangrove Snapper are more prevalent in the winter months as well. While other species such as Permit, Cobia, and Tarpon are harder to come by this time of year, there’s plenty of action with our winter visitors.
Gag Grouper and Mangrove Snapper can be found on artificial reefs and hard bottom within 12 miles of shore, and offer excellent table fare.  Schools of smaller Kingfish can be found in the same areas, while true “smoker” Kings often forage alone further out.  And there is no better way to start or end your trip than finding a hungry Tripletail on a crab trap buoy waiting for an easy meal.

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