What You Need to Know About Owning A Boat in Port Royal



There’s no better port

There are many luxuries enjoyed by an individual who purchases a home in the tropical Florida enclave of Port Royal. Opulent estate homes. Membership into the ultra-exclusive Port Royal Club.

And, of course, waterfront living.

Conceived by John Glen Sample in the late 1930’s, Port Royal has always been a community defined first and foremost by the water.

Since the beginning, Port Royal has endured as one of the nation's most desirable communities, and it’s easy to understand why. The allure of mooring a personal watercraft mere steps from their home has continually drawn society’s elite to this jewel along Florida’s gulf coast.

This is particularly true for those who don't just love boating, but have a passion for it.

You Might Need (or Want) a Bigger Boat

Located on the southernmost tip of the Naples peninsula, this prime piece of paradise is bounded by the Gulf of Mexico to the west and Naples Bay to the east.

From casual cruises on the bay side to more serious ocean faring pursuits in the gulf, one of the most meaningful advantages to living in Port Royal is the variety it affords a homeowner in their choice of vessel.

That choice of yacht can be dictated by the choice of house, thanks to a city ordinance requiring a 20-foot setback between property lines. The setback includes piers, lifts, and the boats themselves.

Like everything else in Port Royal, the variety and size of the lots and homes are unique. Some homes can accommodate boats up to 100 feet in length, but all are ultimately required to meet the city standard. 

A critical aspect of ownership is to ensure the lot dimensions will fit both a homeowners current craft and any future vessel that may be acquired.

Keeping Up Appearances

Although each house in Port Royal exhibits its own distinct level of luxury, there is a sophisticated and refined aesthetic that serves as a through-line for the entire community. This also holds true for the docks and piers along the channels.

To maintain Mr. Sample's vision, the Port Royal HOA provides guidelines for homesite improvements, including the piers for each estate.

Should upgrades or improvements be necessary, the modifications do require HOA approval for both the plan and the architect and builder involved in the updates.

Multiple Channels to Utopia

With names like Treasure Cove and Buccaneer’s Bay, the deepwater canals of Port Royal do invoke the swashbuckling mythology of its Caribbean namesake. A lot of the boating that occurs in Port Royal, however, is of a much more leisurely pursuit.

At the southern point of the neighborhood is Gordon's Pass, which provides direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. From here, its a straight shot out into warm gulf waters or an effortless run up and down Florida’s western coast. 

Heading east from either Gordon Pass Channel or directly from Port Royal's bay side waterways is Naples Bay, a yachting enthusiast’s perfect spot to see and be seen.

Heading north up the bay, the City of Naples has a deepwater city dock that can accommodate watercraft between 30 and 60 feet in length and grants access to the city's numerous restaurants and shops including the glamorously well-appointed Fifth Avenue.

Unlike Anywhere Else

The boating lifestyle is stitched deep into the fabric of this exclusive and relaxed hideaway, and it reinforces the genuine reward that comes from calling Port Royal home.

For anyone who seeks out a life made on and defined by water, there is no better place to find it than the yachting oasis of Port Royal.


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