What Is That Florida Bird? It's An American Ibis - By Scott Pearson



I can't tell you how many times, living in Naples, FL I've been asked the question "What is that bird?" I actually didn't know what it was for a long time myself, nor did several Neapolitans I asked. I eventually looked it up in a Florida bird book and learned that it's called an Ibis. The American White Ibis or Eudocimus albus to be exact. An unusual looking bird no doubt that seems to be rather social congregating in groups irrigating lawns all over Naples. They're actually searching for worms and insects of course and are especially drawn to freshly mowed lawns for more easily found meals. Apparently they prefer to wade through shallow waters though and are obviously well equiped to forage in the mud for small reptiles, frogs, crabs, fish, and even small snakes. They travel up to 15 miles a day scrounging for food before returning to their tree nest. Now you know a little bit of information about the ubiquitous Naples bird called the Ibis. For more information about Naples luxury real estate please contact Scott Pearson at 239-300-3534 or [email protected].

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