West Indies Inspired Architecture and Design - by Scott Pearson


West Indies architecture and design are the epitome of what is selling in Naples.

The term West Indies refers to the Carribean Islands. There are three main island groups in the West Indies; the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. They are located in the Carribean slightly east of Florida, Central America and Southern Mexico. The name "West Indies" actual came from Columbus who used it to distinguish the area from the East Indies. During his travels he actually thought he was off the coast of India the "East Indies" when instead they were in the Carribean Sea.

The West Indies style can be described as open, beachy, having a cottage look and feel. You will find awnings, french doors, and wide windows that let more natural light in. Light and bright. White colors with blue/light green accent colors. Exposed wood beams, hardwood floors, casual and comfortable. Stone countertops and stainless steel are still popular too and most commonly used with West Indies influenced homes.

Scott Pearson GRI, CRS


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