Want Your Home to Sell Faster? Prepare It and Stage It


Now that you have decided to sell your home, there are ways to make your home attractive to buyers. Here are some suggestions to pique the interest of buyers, and help you achieve a price with which you will be happy.
Landscaping - We've all heard that you get only one chance to make a great first impression. The same is true for your home. Make your house memorable with well-kept landscaping, trimmed bushes, lush green grass, and colorful plants and flowers. Pressure wash the driveway and walkways and keep them swept and clear of debris.
Smells - Nothing is more of a turn-off to buyers than undesirable smells greeting them at the door. These include pet odors, cigarette smoke, musty or moldy smells, and strong food smells. You may benefit from having a cleaning service come through, and from having the carpets cleaned. Air out the home to release stored smells and freshen the air. If smells persist, you can place bowls of white vinegar in each room, as well as baking soda, and spray odor-eliminating products like Lysol. There is also evidence of appealing aromas having the opposite effect and making your home feel more inviting to the buyer. 

Lighting - There is good reason to have all of the shutters open and every light on when buyers come through the home. People enjoy a cheery, light-filled space. Make sure all of your lights are working and change out any burned-out bulbs. It is also helpful to have switches labeled to assist your agent in opening up and shutting down the home after a showing.

Disassociate and Depersonalize - Your home, which may have provided many years of joy and memories for you, is now a product to be marketed and sold. Let go of your emotional attachment and start packing up your trophies, collections of dolls, action figures, clowns, family heirlooms. You do not want buyers to become distracted while touring your home. You want them to be able to picture themselves in the space.

Declutter - This goes hand in hand with depersonalization. Get rid of knickknacks. Clean everything off counters and tables. Put everyday items in the drawers or in the closet. Throw out piles of paper, magazines, and newspapers, stacks of mail. Clean lines and open space are more appealing. Less truly is more when it comes to clutter. Now is also the time to clean out your closets, garage, and storage spaces. Buyers will open doors to closets and cabinets and they do not want to see spaces filled to maximum capacity. You may want to consider renting a storage unit for your overflow.

Exclusions - Items that are attached, that you intend to take with you, should be removed now. These items mays include chandeliers, window coverings, built-in appliances, ceiling fans, and other fixtures. 

Furniture Arrangement - Walk into your home as if it is the first time you are seeing it. Make sure there are no pieces obstructing a beautiful view, or prohibiting you from walking through space. Seating arrangements should be inviting and open. Move your furniture around until walking around has a natural, unobstructed flow. If your home is vacant, consider having it professionally staged. The cost of staging is more reasonable when the alternative is a listing that sits longer on the market.

Repairs - Make sure everything works. Fix doors and drawers that do not close properly or jam. Fix a toilet that runs and faucets that drip. Clean out sliding door tracks so that the buyer can open them smoothly and silently. Repair cracks and holes. Repaint if necessary. 

These suggestions provide introductory ideas for you as a seller. Additional information is available through a licensed real estate professional and we encourage you to contact us for more ideas particular to your own home. 

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