Using Technology to Make Home Building Faster


The process of building a home has come a long way thanks to technology. Every step of the process has made simpler while communication between the parties involved (home owner, general contractor, architect, designer, material vendors and sub contractors) has become seamless. The first thing someone does after making the decision to build a home is to shop for a lot. With the help of your favorite realtor looking for a lot has moved from simply walking the lot and looking at a two dimensional survey of the lot. Thanks to satellite imaging and mapping buyers can look at sites such as and see a birds eye view of the properties available for purchase. This will show the layout of the lot, surrounding homes and how they are situated, and big picture of where the lot is located.

Once a lot is selected your next step is to hire the services of an architect to design your home. With technology home builders are no longer having to guess at spacial perception. Architects can now turn a drawing into a three dimensional virtual floor plan. This allows someone to get a better understanding of what the architect is trying to accomplish with line of site, room proportions, ceiling heights, and floor plan flow. They can show how the sun moves across the lot during different times of the year and how that will affect lighting within the home.

After plans are drawn the next stage of the process is to hire a builder. This stage is usually what scares the average person away from the building process but with advancements in technology everything has been streamlined to make the process enjoyable. I was recently introduced to a program that acts much the same way as facebook but integrated into a schedule for building a home. What it does is brings everyone involved with the job onto the same page literally. You as a home builder have seamless communication with everyone that is relying on you to make a decision. For example it will make everyone aware that kitchen cabinets must be chosen by a certain date. All the parties involved in the kitchen cabinets are connected through this software allowing for pictures and ideas to be posted and discussed saving time, money, and misunderstandings. This same process is repeated for every decision necessary for the completion of a home. Change orders and delays can be practically eliminated making the whole experience cost efficient, time efficient, and fun

If you are wanting to build a home in Naples whether it be on the beach, in Port Royal, Old Naples, or The Moorings the world of technology is working hard to make your life a little easier.

If you would like more information on building a home in Naples, Florida please contact Adam Carriero at [email protected] or 239-641-3876.

Please contact Adam Carriero at [email protected] or 239-641-3876. I am available for consultation on the Naples, Florida, market.


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