Update on Port Royal Club Membership


Homeowners of Port Royal are allowed to join the prestigious Port Royal Club. The current Membership Options are listed below.
1. Join Club by paying the initiation fee within 90 days after the recording of the deed for Port Royal eligible property.
2. To preserve the qualification of property for club membership, within 90 days, pay 25% of the initiation fee and 25% of the applicable dues annually.  If you choose to join within 4 years, receive a credit of the original 25% of the applicable initiation fee.  No club privileges until you join.
3. If neither of the above actions is taken within 90 days, the owner or subsequent owner of the property must pay 175% of the then-applicable initiation fee.

Current Initiation Fee: $100,000 Annual Dues $8,700  Florida Sales Tax Applies

Warmest Regards,

Kevin Aizenshtat


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