Unique Writing Desk Brings Timeless Automotive Style to the Home Office



This desk utilizes original Porsche 911 body parts to create a truly unique piece of furniture

Ready to shift your home office into gear? This desk combines original parts from the iconic Porsche 911 and custom American walnut, and painted with beautiful Arctic Silver automotive paint, the desk is unlike any other. The styling of the wood perfectly highlights the contours of the body of the car, and the color is perfect for making it the focal point of the office. 

Upon first reflection, the combination of a car and a writing desk might not make sense—with the seemingly paradoxical notion of sitting still at a piece of a very fast car—but the bold design and materials make this piece not only beautiful, but functional. 

This desk was created 3 GJB 17, a design firm specializing in custom designs that seamlessly blend mechanical and car car body parts with the rich textures of wood. Each one is hand crafted by a network of experienced designers, carpenters, cabinet makers, metalworkers, and car body repairmen. Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the designs, pricing for a 3 GJB 17 is by request.

This desk uses the immediately recognizable rear hatch of the 911, converting it into a one of a kind writing surface. The hatch opens with a spring loaded hinge, allowing for privacy, and has two drawers for office essentials. Since this desk is part of a mini-series, the color and wood essence can be specific to each model, ensuring the exclusivity of each piece; a must have for any fan of elegant autos also looking for a graceful place to write.


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