Third Street "Scene and be Seen" in Naples, Florida


The Naples area has many dining options from the most casual waterfront and hidden gems, to the powerhouse spots that dot historic third Street and 5th south. Spots to see and be seen along Third Street are today's blog focus. Third Street has long been the epicenter of historic Naples and the host for the best "scene and be seen" locations in Naples. One might argue the Mercato and it's Blue Martini and Cigar bar Burn are in the running, but Third Street continues to bring in the upper escelon of the Naples social scene. Tommy Bahamas original location on Third Street is always a great spot for a tropical drink, a quick bite and local people watching. Situated on the west side of the street, always busy and always fun. The newest player on the scene is Continental, the sister restaurant to Campiellos, which we shall discuss shortly. Continental seeks new ground for Third Street, boasting several "high quality" meat options and craft cocktails. As impressive the space created is and as eye catching the walk around bar is, the bar is pushed back inside a "wall" of bouganvillea and not visible from the street, where impressive vehicles beckon for attention and admiration from "friends" passing by. For now, the clear winner in our category for today is Campiello. The patio edges Third Street, and the bar easily visible for walkers and drivers alike creates a "gotta see, gotta visit" environment. A Naples staple for many years, always a great spot to meet friends and encounter a great local gathering spot.
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