The Future of First Showings


First showings in real estate are often quick affairs where buyers sift through all potential homes on whirlwind tour. It is a time consuming process, not just for buyers; it is especially so for the sellers who have to prepare the home, remove pets and vacate the property. The advent of high speed, high quality Internet video is about to change all this.

Buyers can now preview a home in high definition detail in one continuous flow just as if they were walking through the property.  While many of these video walk-throughs are jiggly, amateurish affairs shot on iPhones, professional productions with stedicams and low light cameras are elevating this to a whole new level.  It is just like walking through the home. While there is a lot of detail in these videos which can last over 10 minutes, any serious buyer loves to see this kind of detail when truly interested in a home. If buyers are not interested after seeing just a few minutes of the video, it is very unlikely they would be interested after a showing.
It is the future. Take a look at it now.

Bill Van Arsdale


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