Snowbirds Love Naples: Here Are 4 Reasons Why



Top four reasons you should winter in Naples this year.

Wintertime in Naples, Florida is downright gorgeous. Whether you’re coming from a cold or warm climate, Naples offers amenities that you can’t find anywhere else. Enjoy luxurious French wine lists from award-winning menus and temperatures that will have you dining outdoors and hanging out on the white, sandy beaches all year long. Let’s discuss the top four things that snowbirds love about Naples.

1. Terrific Temperatures

Naples's temperatures are enough to get any person considering a move. Here, the temperatures consistently hover around 75 degrees to 90 degrees. This means that every day can be spent playing a round of golf, relaxing on the white-sand beaches, or dining on outdoor patios. Plus, the warm sun and fresh ocean breeze help to balance each other out, so every day you can bask in a glowing, pleasant climate.

2. Excellent Eats

Finding high-class dining is not a challenge in Naples. Naples’ streets are lined with bistros, cafes, healthy eats, and luxurious restaurants. Whatever dining experience you prefer, there’s something for you. Here are some of our favorites:

3. Wonderful Wine

When you think of Naples, images of cocktails on the beach may come to mind. However, Naples is also home to some of the finest world-class wine. If you’re a wine lover and want a taste of impressive French-focused wine labels, then Zagat-rated and Wine Spectator Grand Award-winning restaurant Bleu Provence is something you must taste while wintering in Naples.

This elegant eatery focuses on French cuisine and wine. Featuring over 25 by-the-glass choices and over 100 by-the-bottle, wine lovers will be in paradise. Plus, there’s a glass for every taste, ranging from dainty $15 wines to luxurious three-figure ones. 

4. Always an Activity 

While wintering in Naples, you’ll always have something fun, exciting, and new to do. The art scene is always hot, and the Naples Art Association is constantly adding events, exhibitions, and outdoor shows to their repertoire. Plus, the association offers art education courses on mosaics, watercolor, photography, jewelry, and more. If you’re looking to make art in addition to viewing it, you’re in luck. 

If you’re more of an outdoor enthusiast, there are tons of recreation options for you. The Naples community is known for its beautiful beaches and lush terrain. Bird watching, hiking, swimming, and boating have easily become local favorites.

Whether you’re hoping to winter in Naples or you’d like to make a more permanent move, reach out. It would be our pleasure to set you up with your dream property so you can enjoy this Naples highlights all year long. 


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