Real Estate Bubble Ponderings


Nowadays, you need not be a real estate professional to find yourself within earshot of a 'spirited' discussion where locals are waxing prophetically on the shape of the real estate market in Naples, FL. In fact, even in our uptick market this is an all too common topic of banter in just about every swank restaurant and new 'It' bar west of US 41 and east of the beach!

You see, just about everyone with a pulse has become an 'armchair' expert on the current condition and future of the redhot market of this oneofakind beachfront community along the southwest coast of Florida.

Since everyone else is, let's take a look at the factors that lead me to believe we have an extremely promising future in real estate investment for the foreseeable future:

  • Naples real estate is a commodity. Where else are you going to find what we have in Naples? Easy access, wordly culture, great weather, great beaches, beautiful town... End of story, right?
  • Prices and values are commensurate with each other. Compared to other coastal communities, Naples is a deal! i.e. Palm Beach, Miami Beach, San Diego/ La Jolla.
  • Demand is high. Real estate inventory in Naples and Collier County is at an all time low. Much of the new product west of Airport Rd. is under contract before it receives a C.O. 
  • Naples is now an International destination. While many buyers are still coming from the midwest, the northeast and Europe are providing a whole new group of buyers that prefer the lifestyle Naples offers....relaxed, casual, friendly and warm!
  • While cash driven real estate purchases are dominant in the high end market, interest rates are still very attractive and mortgages are becoming easier to obtain.
As you can see, these are but a few valid reasons why our current real estate market in Naples, Florida is very healthy and should be for many years to come. Don't wait too long, though!

Thank you,

Mitch Norgart
Gulf Coast international Properties
Naples, Florida 34102

Mitchell L. Norgart
Broker/Sales Associate
Gulf Coast International Properties
Naples, FL. 
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