Predictions for the Home of Tomorrow


Trying to predict where society, culture and technology are taking us relative to our homes, companies are always observing current trends in demographics, ecological issues, and the scarcity of natural resources. We are always looking for ways to make our lives less complex and more enjoyable.  Here are trends you can expect to influence the homes of tomorrow.
1. Maximum Energy Efficiency -  Modernization of the aging electric grid to a Smart Grid to allow real time understanding of energy consumption between homeowners and utility companies. Smart meters and energy dashboards will wirelessly regulate energy use and can shift usage during peak times. High-tech water purification systems will return wastewater to drinking-quality levels. The growing number of electric vehicle sales predicts we will be charging our vehicles at home, relying less on gasoline. More of our homes exterior surface will be used as a solar energy collector and we could have wind-powered elevators.

2. More Integration with Mother Nature - Homes that leave a minimal environmental footprint and blend with the natural landscape. With climate change, and super storms becoming more commonplace, homes will be constructed in ways to make them hurricane and tornado proof. There has been a rise in modern prefab home concepts which are more efficient, high-tech and self-sustainable with high ceilings, tall windows and smart storage. Many are self-powered with whole house generators and are easily transported, and can be built in days compared to months or years.

3. Smart Appliances with Sophisticated Features - Laundry and dishwasher appliances will use less water. Used water will be recycled back through for other uses. Faucets will dispense vitamins, various beverages, filtered and carbonated water. Place your finger on the built-in hydration sensor to instantly see your hydration level. As you are washing your produce in the sink, integrated sensors will alert you when bacteria or chemicals are no longer present. The vital signs mirror and medical dispenser will combine, process and dispense the medication needed for the day in liquid form after you place your hand on the mirror and have your vital signs read.

4. Priority Shift to Local Sustainability - Indoor gardens will become more common with hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems. Urban farming is becoming more popular, along with the desire for healthier food, and more humane practices toward the animals we eat. Bringing nature indoors creates a healthier environment. Roofs are designed to collect rainwater and grow vegetables.

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