No Jackets Required


NO JACKETS REQUIRED...   But don't forget your swimsuit and sandals.
By mid-November, Naples, Florida, becomes the envy of many of the shivering Lower 48 states. Warm Gulf waters, white sand, sunny skies and 75 degree days make this sub-tropical destination hard to resist.

Over the next several months, Southwest Florida residents will have more to brag about, weather wise. And thousands of "snowbirds", as the part-time residents from more northern climates are called, can thaw out and enjoy a respite from winter's persistent cold, snow and clouds. 

This temperature map serves as free advertising for Florida's tourism industry. Cold air is plunging into the nation from Canada, but thanks to the configuration of the jet streams, it will leave Florida largely untouched and plunge instead into the West, Plains and Upper Midwest.

Naples is your destination if you're dreaming of lounging on a beach chair, playing a perfect round of golf or witnessing a spectacular sunset this time of year.


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