New Grey Oaks Mandatory Community Membership Starting June 1


After June 1, 2014, all new purchasers of residences in the Grey Oaks community will be required to apply to the Club to acquire, at a minimum, a sport membership. Anyone purchasing two lots upon which there is only one residence, is only required to purchase one membership. There are two exceptions. First, if a sale is pending for your residence under a written contract prior to June 1, or second, if you have listed your residence for sale prior to June 1 under a written listing agreement with a real estate broker, the buyer of your residence will not be required to become a member of the Club. You must provide a copy of the sales contract or the listing agreement to the General Manager Jim Butler prior to June 1 to qualify for these exemptions. 

Any current resident who purchases a membership after June 1st of 2014 will be subject to the community membership provisions and will have to retain a membership for the duration of their property ownership in Greys Oaks. 

If you have other questions about community membership, please call me at 239-777-1451 or email at [email protected].

Warmest Regards,

Kevin Aizenshtat
[email protected]


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