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The market in Southwest Florida has been strong since well before last season and there is no end in sight as more and more people from all over the world have discovered how beautiful it is in Naples, Florida. Naples has gone through a bit of a renaissance with an incredible resurgence of newly built homes, commercial properties, city parks, and festivals that have become world renowned in a very short time. Over the past 12 months our city has been on many top 10 lists ranging from beautiful beaches to great restaurants. Naples also is one of the leaders of the state of Florida for economic growth in 2015 according to a new report released by Florida Tax Watch.
Naples is still a small town in most respects bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the West, The Everglades National Park to the East and south leaving the North toward Ft. Myers as the only room for growth. For this reason the "expansion" of Naples is limited to redevelopment in most cases and increase in density has been kept in check by the local governments.

For a real estate buyer coming to Naples it may be hard to conceptualize getting a good deal on a property with such high demand and short supply however, utilizing a real estate agent who knows the market can be key in finding a home for a good price. There are several areas in town that have been attractive to builders and some sectors of the market that have been somewhat overlooked leaving opportunities. Also, if you take into consideration how Naples has gone from a sleepy little beach town to a blooming tropical paradise in a very short time imagine where we will be in 10-15-20 years from now. The Southwest Florida International Airport will continue to grow opening Naples to even more potential buyers from areas like London, Madrid, or Rome. Our tax base will further the beauty of Naples allowing the local government to buy green space around town similar to the opening of the Naples Greenway (which is amazing if you have not yet had a chance to visit), re-nourishment of our beaches, keeping our roadways well landscaped like the new plantings along HWY 41, and providing more and more cultural events and entertainment.

If you would like more information on real estate in Naples, Florida, please contact Adam Carriero at 239.641.3876 or [email protected].

Please contact Adam Carriero at [email protected] or 239.641.3876. I am available for consultation on the Naples, Florida, market.


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