Naples Ranks #1 Place to Retire in the United States


Naples residents weren’t surprised to hear the news that SmartAsset had once again named Naples the number one place to retire in the United States, or that Magnify Money ranked Naples the number one city for a FIRE retirement - an acronym meaning financially independent, retire early. These titles are obvious to those who have already made this dream destination their home, but for those who are considering retirement on the Paradise Coast, these are just a few reasons why Naples easily scored number one on both lists:


When tax burden was taken into consideration, Naples ranked at the top of the Most Tax-Friendly Places for Retirees list. As Florida does not have state income tax, “Social Security retirement benefits, pension income and income from an IRA or a 401(k) are all untaxed.” Additionally, Florida does not charge estate or inheritance tax, and sales and property tax rates are near the national averages.

Medical Care

As quality medical care is of utmost importance for retirees, the number of medical centers was taken into consideration. With more than 28 medical facilities per 1,000 residents, it’s no wonder retirees are flocking to Southwest Florida. The area also boasts nearly 10 retirement communities per 1,000 residents.

Social Life

With 51% of the population comprised of seniors, Naples provides a senior-friendly social atmosphere. As the city is located on the Gulf of Mexico, it is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Pristine beaches provide an ideal backdrop for infinite beach-going activities. Golf, tennis, and pickleball fanatics also never tire of the endless opportunities. Only a 40 minute drive from a regional airport, Naples allows many travel opportunities for the more adventurous.

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