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Naples, Forida, is and always will be one of the world's finest and most appealing locations to reside. Regardless of current market conditions, at any given time, Naples, Florida, will always in my opinion be one of the finest places anyone could call home. Many end user clients ask me about my opinion of the current market status and whether we are in an "up" or "down" market and I always remind them of the fact that over the long term Naples real estate has historically always gone up in value. Currently the market in Naples is very strong with values as a whole having increased by 14% over the last year and in my opinion there are no immediate forseeable headwinds. However, one never knows what's around the corner and for many people they are not typically buying solely to make a profit. Most of the time people have made their living at their profession and sometimes need to be reminded that it is time to buy simply based on the fact that it is time to secure their place in the sun so that they can relax and enjoy retirement. They deserve it........ I've seen on many occasions buyers that come down and try and time the market who end up renting for a long period waiting to time the market and end up annoyed at the nuisances of rentals and then when they finally decide to buy they end up paying significantly more than if they would have bought sooner. Many headaches could have been saved by a leap of faith. Obviously this approach does not work for investor clients or people with unique circumstances or short term goals and these need to be considered on a case-by case-basis. For more information contact Rex Miller of Gulf Coast International Properties at 239.821.1433 or [email protected].

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