Naples Landmark Pier Reopens


In 1888 Naples was far removed from the modern world with very limited access to the town by land. There were no railroads and very few roads. The only way to provide goods and services to the citizens of Naples was via boat therefor the need for a pier was of the highest priority. The Naples Town Improvement Co. built the small wooden structure that would later become one of Naples finest tourist attractions.

Shortly after the connection to the outside world was made the Old Naples Hotel was constructed, which opened in January of 1889. The pier was the doorway to what Naples has become today. Of course, over the years it's function as a passageway to southwest Florida diminished as roads and railways took over as the primary access. 

The Naples pier has remained a constant despite several attempts by mother nature to wipe it from our coast. It was hit by a hurricane in 1910 which required a major rebuild. In 1922 it was partially burned by a fire that engulfed the post office which was located at the foot of the pier. Again, in 1926, the pier was hit by another hurricane. And yet again in 1944 it was hit but this time the rebuild added another 100 feet to the structure. The pier fell victim once again in 1960, this time by hurricane Donna. The future of the pier was uncertain as the city council, only a few months before Donna, decided to cancel the insurance policy on the structure. Lester Norris came to the rescue and offered $100,000 for the rebuild in exchange for the city dropping it's plans for a municipal utility tax.

Now the pier is the #1 attraction in Naples drawing hundred of thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the view, watch the sun set, and take advantage of a blanket fishing license the city provides. The city just spent $2.6m on a huge renovation project which included the expansion of the restroom facilities, new concession stands, and they replaced the old deteriorated wood with a Brazilian hardwood called Ipe.

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Please contact Adam Carriero at [email protected] or 239.641.3876. I am available for consultation on the Naples, Florida, market.


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