Naples Is One Of The Happiest Cities In America


Another study shows that Naples residents are indeed living in paradise. Time magazine both the Happiest and Unhappiest Cities in America with, not surprisingly, Naples making the list. Our Southwest Florida city ranked the fourth happiest place. For those of us who have been transplanted from other areas, this comes as no surprise. Our white beaches, the weather, the arts and theater, exquisite shopping, fabulous cuisine--we have it all! And let's face it--it all really starts with the weather. When the sun is shining, the skies are blue and the air is warm, one simply feels better.

If you have been to Southwest Florida, but not to Naples, you need to visit. It may not be what you think. The charm and beauty here are unmatched and once you get here, you will understand the difference. You could be one of the happy ones too! 


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