Kidzact Is Performing "The Wiz" at Sugden Theater (March 25, 2013)


Monday, March 45 and Tuesday March 26, Kidzact will be bringing "The Wiz" to stage. The “Wiz” is a pop retelling of the classic tale of Dorothy in Oz. Dorothy is still whisked to Oz by a cyclone, but this one is of dancers! She is deposited in the land of the Munchkins. These little characters in a song full of sass and cool inform her that she must go to see the Wiz. She is guided to Emerald City by the Yellow Brick Road who are also dancers. She meets up with the Scarecrow, Tingirl and Lion and they “Ease on Down the Road” till they finally meet the Wiz. Sassy poppies, scary kalidahs, cool, bad boy monkeys all try to complicate matters and the evil Evillene is a powerful presence to confront. But Dorothy and her friends help each other and achieve their goals. In the end, we are uplifted and transported by the beautiful ballad “Home”. Sugden Theatre is located at 701 5th Ave. S.


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