How Location Affects Value in South Florida Real Estate


Looking at the various ZIP Codes in the region paints a picture of how fragmented South Florida’s real estate market is. In South Florida’s location-specific housing market, some neighborhoods are enjoying 20 percent appreciation since last year, while others continue to plunge, down as much as 30 percent, according to a new report from a real estate research firm. The affluent and luxury neighborhoods have been soaring considering the drag of the surrounding foreclosure-ridden low-income neighborhoods. Don't look at just a town and certainly not the state's stats. Rather Analyze the zip code or neighborhood of interest. "It's simply accurate," says Shaun Dalton of Gulf Coast International Properties LLC in prestigious Naples, FL. "Chances are if you're searching in a high demand luxury area, you'll find that many others are as well. If supply is shrinking and the demand remains consistent, then the doom and gloom simply won't apply there."


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