Here are 4 Major Trends in Home Design


As the path to sustainable housing and technology widens, the home market is also embracing automated technologies and wellness initiatives. From automation security to energy management, the home design of the future is both practical and efficient. Here’s a look at four trends dominating the market:

1. Geofencing - Geofencing is becoming a popular method to help protect and monitor your home. The technology creates a virtual perimeter around your home that connects to your smartphone. For example, if your kids come home from school, their smartphones will set off a trigger and send you an alert to your phone so you know they made it safely.

2. Healty Living Facility - There also is an increased demand for healthy building materials and furnishings due to more awareness on how your home can make you sick. There is a model home in Lake Nona that focuses on healthy living and wellness. The home features cork floors, air filtration and water purification systems, vitamin C shower, variable lighting to optimize your circadian rhythm and pedestal desks. Indoor gardening also has come into sharper focus in recent years. 

3. Energy Efficiency and Docking Stations - Energy efficiency and electrical docking stations are some other trends that are on the rise. But it's not just for your smartphone — docking stations for cars are also building momentum.

4. Connected Smart Homes - Smart home technology is all the rage, but the devices often operate independently of each other. For example, a smart refrigerator may tell you that you're out of milk, but it doesn't necessarily talk to your oven and dishwasher to get everything ready to go for dinner. A rising trend that attempts to solve this problem is a connected and automated home that lets all of your devices talk to each other and run themselves.

This information was taken from an article written by Susan Finch she can be found at

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