Helpful Tips for Building a Home in Naples, Florida


If you are considering building a custom home in Naples, Florida here are a few helpful tips that will ensure a smooth and enjoyable process from start to finish:

Of course, the first order of business is to employ the professional services of a realtor who specializes in new home construction. Yes, there are a few knowledgeable real estate pros in Naples who have experience in this area! Once you have determined the area of town in which you wish to live, you can search for a building lot that is either empty or has a 'tear-down' home on it. If you are looking west of US 41 between Pelican Bay and Port Royal you will likely be looking for a lot with an older house on it that will need to be torn down. Not to worry, the typical cost to clear a lot with a structure on it is anywhere from $20-35,000.00 and can be taken down and trucked away in 2-4 days. This fee is usually included in your overall home construction cost that would be provided by your general contractor.

After finding your perfect lot you will then want to employ the services of an architect who specializes in residential design. It is noteworthy that some realtors may wish to introduce you to a few custom home builders first and that's ok. Oftentimes, builders have favorite architects who they recommend and this may limit your selection field if you go this route. If your realtor is knowledgeable, he or she will know several good architects who will design a home that includes a full set of drawings for you to give to a few builders for them to bid. Not only does this process provide competition among builders but it also gives you an education of the current and local cost to build a home. You will want to interview these builders to determine if you are a 'right' fit for each other. After all, you will be working together for many months and it is imperative that you get along from start to finish!

Oftentimes, people like to bring in a designer to help them make selections such as lighting, flooring and fixtures. This is a great idea, especially if you don't know exactly what you want. ASID designers are highly qualified and many have priceless experience in new home construction. I like to bring in designers early on during the home drawing process. This way, another set of qualified eyes are on the plans and can add beneficial detail to the finished product. Designers are often found by 'word of mouth' among realtors or at any of the finer furniture stores in town.

Meeting with an architect and planning your new home can be very challenging, especially if there are two people involved with the final product! Before going in, partners should have a general idea about the size, layout, number of bedrooms/baths and budget. This will expedite the process exponentially and will make designing a home very pleasurable! The design process should take no more than one month. However, the final engineered and approved plans will take another 6-8 weeks. So, from a blank piece of paper to shovel in the ground you should expect at least a three month timeline. Depending on the size of the home and the intricacies you should be moving in within 12-18 months.

Naples is a wonderful place to build a new home and the experience can be a good one! From finding a knowledgeable realtor to an architect, designer and builder we have an excellent selection of these professionals right here in this beautiful coastal community!

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