Greatfull to Be Back in Warm and Sunny Naples FL


After traveling to Manhattan to see my daughter over the holiday and getting stuck in the blizzard, renting a car, driving for 24 hours to get home, I will say I am very grateful to be back in sunny Naples, FL.

After living in Naples for 15 years I admit there are times I take it for granted. I will dream of living other places for one reason or another. However, after this last trip and experiencing the total mayhem of the city post blizzard I have had my fix for a while and will thoroughly enjoy this season and may even welcome the sub-tropic heat of our beautiful summers!

I believe everybody should experience the complete relief of waking up each morning and knowing the sun will shine, the flowers are in bloom and the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico are still lapping at the shores of our beautiful, white, sugar-sand beaches.

Grateful post NewYorker now Neapolitan.



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