Getting Your Home Ready for Sale


Let's face it, if you're fortunate enough to have owned a home there will come a time when you wish to sell it. This can be a very daunting task, especially if you are a 'pack rat' like me! However, once you have made the decision to sell there are a few methodical steps you can take that will ease the stress:

  1. Organize an Estate Sale. I like using this term over 'garage sale' because it makes your stuff seem a bit more valuable! Remember what your dad said, "If you haven't used it in six months then get rid of it!" He's right, either sell it, consign it or throw it out! Potential buyers don't want to see all your dust-gathering tchotchkes laying around the get rid of them at least for the time being. If you can't part with them, then go to Target and purchase a few big Tupperware containers and put them in those for safe keeping. 

  2. Now that you've gotten rid of the clutter, freshen the place up! Today's look is bright and 'Coastal'...whatever that means, but I think if you incorporate that really pretty, seafoam blue we are now seeing all over the place, it should work in your favor. Obviously, you can paint the walls but that's not the only enhancement and painters now are charging the same as a tax attorney! So, go out and take a look at throw pillows and rugs and vases. These are much less expensive and by driving to your local accessorie store you can achieve instant gratification by purchasing a few classic items that will spruce up any space in your home. 

  3. Make Repairs. Buyers do not like to walk into a home that is in any form of disrepair. It makes them think that you, the current homeowner did not care for the home during your tenure and no matter how great the neighborhood is they get turned off immediately and never come back. You have one chance to impress a buyer so get to work and fix those items that you have overlooked for weeks, months, years!
I'm not suggesting that you completely remodel and replace but you need to present a clean, uncluttered home that is in good condition and appears to have been taken care of by a proud homeowner. 

For a list of subcontractors, service providers and vendors who are reliable and reasonably priced give me a call or send an email. I've been doing this stuff for 25 years and still enjoy every minute of it!

Mitchell L. Norgart

Broker/Sales Associate
Gulf Coast International Properties
Naples, FL. 


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