Furnished vs. Unfurnished


In real estate, while speaking with Buyers when showing properties or at an Open House, I am typically asked 5 questions:

  1. Price?
  2. Square Feet?
  3. How many bedrooms?
  4. When was it built?
  5. Furnished or Unfurnished?
Now, while the order of these questions vary, these remain the most common questions asked by Buyers.

Likewise, I have been asked several times by Sellers:

Do Buyers prefer Furnished or Unfurnished?

This was brought up for discussion at Gulf Coast International Properties, and inherently we say, Buyers prefer Furnished. But, let's look at some numbers to verify.

In Olde Naples this past season (January 1, 2015 - May 20, 2015) ten new construction homes sold. Of these ten homes, 8 were sold Furnished, 1 Unfurnished and 1 Preconstruction. To repeat, 8 out of 10 new construction homes were sold Furnished in Olde Naples this season.

Currently, there are 32 new construction homes on the market in Olde Naples. 17 of these homes are still under construction, but 7 are being offered Furnished, and 8 others are being offered Unfurnished.

From this data, one can see that new construction homes in Olde Naples are typically selling better when they are both Finished and Furnished.

So the answer? Furnished


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