FGCU and the Naples Real Estate Market


All across Naples from Port Royal to Park Shore Florida fans gathered around their televisions to watch some spectacular basketball. Unfortunately for FGCU they will be spending the rest of the tournament on the beach wading in the tropical Gulf of Mexico... doesn't sound all that bad. It will be some great games ahead of us and as a Kentucky Wildcat fan I will be forced to support Florida and the SEC. 

Having FGCU in the sweet sixteen certainly put them in the spotlight for the past week and helped to put our local university on the map. When I moved here in 1996 the campus was just two trailers and a handful of students. I am certain the national publicity will help the school immensely. It will also help the Naples real estate market for the fact that parents bringing their kids down to school will consider buying a home for convenience. 

I am looking forward to next year when the University of Kentucky Wildcats meet FGCU in the finals. GO BIG BLUE!

For consultation on the Naples real estate market or to chat about how awesome the Harrison Twins are going to be please contact Adam Carriero at [email protected] or 239-641-3876.

Please contact Adam Carriero at [email protected] or 239.641.3876. I am available for consultation on the Naples, Florida, market.


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