Commercial Real Estate Development in Naples, Florida


There is no question about the boom in residential development throughout Naples, Florida and commercial real estate construction is making an impact also. The Naples Daily News ran a story in yesterdays paper regarding an iconic commercial building located just off of 5th Avenue South on 9th Street South. This retro 1960's single-story building that was once the bus depot has been demolished and sent to the recycling center. This property was owned by the Collier family for decades until it recently sold and is now slated for redevelopment. This same scenario is being seen throughout Naples with construction cranes casting shadows throughout the downtown area. Naples Square will be home to several commercial properties with rumors of a high-end grocery store and a movie theater (two amenities that are much wanted in the Old Naples area). Commercial construction can also be seen along HWY 41 with several new buildings including DeVoe Cadillac, a new building at the end of Park Shore Drive, Robb and Stucky's new showroom off 4th Avenue South, and several other large plots of land that have been vacant for decades. Along 8th Street (north of 5th Avenue) in the downtown area, two older 1960's buildings were demolished several months ago with residents eagerly anticipating what will go up in there places. McCabe recently finished the expansion of The Inn on 5th which has further beautified 5th Avenue, new development is slated for the now defunct mall on 3rd Street, the old St. George & the Dragon building will soon go down, and rumors are abound regarding the commercial lot at Crayton Cove. All these projects are very exciting and because of the stringent building and zoning codes in Naples, we are seeing very nice building designs complimentary of our town. Growth in Naples is inevitable therefore we should embrace these changes and keep an open mind about the direction it is taking us. I have been here for over 20 years and have seen many things change for the better. I look forward to the next 20 and cant begin to imagine what this sleepy little beach town will look like.
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