Club Of The Month: Naples Buckeyes


About 40 Ohio State University alumni, friends, and supporters met at Skip and Nancy Potter’s waterfront home in Park Shore on September 20th, 2012 for a monthly happy hour and fundraising event. The 300 members (and growing) call themselves the Naples Buckeyes, and what a lively bunch they are.

Gathering everyone in the foyer with chants of O.H.—I.O. club President Dr. Mousa announces that they had reached their goal of raising their $1,000 for the evening, money that goes toward Floridian students wishing to attend Ohio State University; the club helps out by making up the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition (currently a difference of about $15,000).

Not only is the group committed to education in the Naples community but the Naples Buckeyes gather regularly for games and host an annual Gala (March 9, 2013) in which Head Football Coach, Urban Meyer, and wife Shelley are Honorary Chairs. The club members have been known to caravan over to Miami to host notorious tailgating events when Ohio plays down south; ultimately, the club serves to prove that the Midwestern camaraderie down here in Naples is still thriving 25 years after its 1988 inception. Dr. Mousa concurs, “The Naples community is a good place for the Ohio State Alumni Club to settle since there are many charity and community outreach organizations, events, and activities. There are so many Ohio- and Columbus-based companies and organizations with a presence in Naples -- and many Ohio people on the Gulf side of the state."


1.Hosts Skip and Nancy Potter 2. Holly Stephens of Canton, Ohio, Charlie Kerwood of Columbus, Ohio, and Amy Keys of Columbus, Ohio 3. Mike Kirchner of Marysville, Ohio and Kathi Gelpi of Columbus, Ohio 4. Lynn Reese of Worthington, Ohio and Nancy Glaskin of Columbus, Ohio 5. Club President Dr. Bruce Mousa (second from left) of Worthington, Ohio and club secretary Mary Florence Miller (middle) of Youngstown, Ohio.



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