Benefits of Owning a Saltwater Pool


Interested in a saltwater pool? It’s important to get all the facts before you jump in. Saltwater pools are becoming more popular but people think it’s like jumping into the Gulf of Mexico and it really isn’t like that. A saltwater system still uses chlorine, but as a byproduct of salt running through a cell that charges the salt with electrons turning it to chlorine, which is very different from using the chlorine product that we are familiar with. 

Although saltwater pools still contain chlorine as a disinfectant, the chlorine levels can be kept lower and more consistent than in most traditional chlorinated pools. These consistently lower chlorine levels make saltwater pools particularly attractive to people sensitive to chlorine. A number of people are allergic to chlorine, not only what it does to their skin, hair, and eyes but also the smell of it. Chlorine can also discolor your bathing suits and pool toys. Saltwater pools tend to help eliminate the fear that your pool may have too much chlorine in it.

In most cases, the cost to maintain a saltwater pool will be less, but the cells needed for this process are fairly expensive. It’s wise to buy an additional warranty on the cells. The best reason for a saltwater pool is the way the water feels. If you have even been in this type of pool you will know what I mean. The water gives your skin a silky smooth feeling. With the year-round sunshine, we have here in Florida having a pool that you want to spend more time in is definitely a plus.

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Please contact Shawn Bleh at [email protected] or 239.207.0761 for information on the Naples, Florida, real estate market.


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