Advantages to Moving to Naples, Florida


My good friends/clients went back to Southern Spain last week after spending the summer here in Naples. The exact opposite time most people spend here of course as shown by our population decreasing by half in the summer months. They are perplexed as to why more people don't do the same, a sentiment I've heard a lot of lately.

Initially they vacationed here in the high season (Nov-April) as the majority of people do. After a few years of doing that, they decided to extend their stay and take in part of the summer before heading back to Spain. That's when they realized they actually prefer the summer months over winter.

They comment constantly how wonderful the warm balmy days and evenings are in Naples. No slacks or sweaters required. The weather is warm all through out the day and night. Walking out of a cool air conditioned restaurant into the warm evening air is beautiful to them. No marine layer taking up half of your beach time in the morning and early afternoon. There is also less traffic, favorable flights, cheap golf, no restaurant waits and the list goes on...

The U.S is hot and humid almost everywhere in the summer besides. In fact the hottest I have ever been in my life was in Missouri during the 4th of July. It was insanely hot!

Did you know that the highest recorded temperature in Naples was in 1986 when it hit 99°F? That's 35° cooler than California's highest recorded temperature of 134°, 29°F cooler than Arizona, 15° cooler than Minnesota, and 19° cooler than Missouri!

With that said, considering that the average temperature in South Florida is 82°F with no winters (the majority of people I talk to would like to avoid winter), wouldn't it make more sense to live here full-time and travel to a cold climate for a weekly/monthly vacation instead?

I was reading a book by Tony Robbins recently called "Money - Master the Game". In it he talks about Florida too, having just relocated his family here after a lifetime in California. Tony goes on and on about how beautiful Florida is, the misconception that Florida is full of nothing but old people (the median age is 38!), the perfect weather, incredible shopping and restaurant choices, and the beautiful beaches with WARM water...a far cry from the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean. Those aren't the driving factors for relocating his family here though. The real, big and main reason was TAXES!

California's state income tax increased to 13.3%, moving his effective tax rate to 62%. After taxes that reduced his take home pay to 38 cents per every dollar earned. Ouch!

Florida doesn't have an income tax. Just by relocating here, Tony's family saves 13.3% more of their income. That tax savings is so substantial that they will be able to pay off their new expensive beach front home in 6 years.

Taxes alone, forget about the weather and everything else, is enough of a reason to relocate to Florida. If you are eager to retire, think about how much more quickly you could do so by investing that tax savings every year.

If you've thought about relocating to Florida there are plenty of reasons to do so. What's the wait? Time moves along very quickly and another winter is upon you. Naples provides an incredible quality of life; The people, the weather, the beaches, shopping, restaurants...all of it. Make the move. 

Scott Pearson GRI, CRS


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