A Few Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly



A Few Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

Getting ready to sell your single-family home or condominium? Start at the easiest place to remove clutter, the kitchen. Most people’s kitchen counters hold everything for day-to-day living, these need to be cleared off and everything should be put into drawers or cabinets. From the toaster that you use daily to the decorative bottle of peppers, it all needs to go. Then where do you put it? Clean out the cabinets to make space, donate items, or take what you don’t really need to an off-site storage facility. Canned foods are easy to use up, just plan your dinner menu around what you have on hand. For sure, homebuyers will open all of your cabinets and drawers, they want to know where all of their “stuff” will go. If your drawers and cabinets look chocked full, it will give the buyer a negative message and do not promote an image of plentiful storage space. You want to have as much empty space in your cabinets and drawers as possible.

In particular, if you have a junk drawer, get rid of it. That 20-quart crock pot you use one time a year can certainly be put somewhere else. It is important to follow this through in all of your storage spaces from the kitchen cabinets, to the bedroom closets to the laundry room and garage; they need to feel open with plenty of “free” space. Also, don’t forget about the sink in the kitchen and bathrooms. We all tend to have extra cleaning supplies, multiple sponges, and the like taking up space. If you have had a leak of any kind or this space is not clean, you need to make sure all signs of a leak are gone and these spaces are spotless. One of the first things people look at when buying a new home is how much storage space there is. If your storage spaces are cramped, messy, or not clean they may think other parts of your home have not been well-cared for. 
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