A Bit of Florida Palm Tree Trivia for You - by Scott Pearson


I just read that there are 27 different types of palm trees in FLorida. 12 apparently grow wild here while 15 species don't. The article goes on to say that 6 of these palm species are protected by law.


One of the most valuable palm trees found is called a Variegated Sabal Palmetto or Cabbage Palm. It is extremely rare do to a genetic mutation that keeps it from photosynthesizing normally. The outcome is a mix of green and gold palm fronds. When the tree breeds it almost never passes this mutation on making it very rare, some claim priceless. They have been know to fetch over $20,000 if you can find one.

The Sabal Palm (not variegated) is the state tree of Florida as of 1970. It is actually very common and normally worth about $120 at a nursury.


Another very common palm tree called a Coconut Palm. It isn't native to Florida but rather believed to have originated in East Asia.

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