4 Signs Its Time to Sell Your Home


The most common question I get from buyers while viewing properties is Why are they Selling? The answer could be a negotiation ploy for a better deal. However the most popular reasons people sell are the 4 following reasons. If this is the case for you then call me so we can go over a marketing strategy to sell your home and find you a more suitable property.

1. You have Outgrown your home. Perhaps your family has expanded with children. Maybe you have aquired a family pet or two or three and your current house is just not accomodating enough.

2. Your lifestyle has changed since you purchased your property. Perhaps you are now working from home so you need a den/office. Maybe you switched jobs and your commute is just too long? You are now an empty nester and you don't need the extra rooms or the big yard and pool. Perhaps your family activities are too far from where you live so you simply need to move.

3. Remodeling wont yield a higher return? Then don't and just sell. There is an old real estate addage you never want the biggest and most expensive home in the neighborhood as sometimes its harder to sell.

4. You can afford to sell and have a flexible timeframe? Prices are going up so take advantage put some money in the bank and downsize. Noone ever got poor taking a profit.
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Kevin Aizenshtat


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