4 Reasons Golf Pros Love Naples



Explore why golfers are flocking to southern Florida

Every year, golf enthusiasts find their way to Naples, Florida. From pristine courses to exclusive clubs, golfing pros love the Naples area golf course offerings. Here, we’ll highlight some of the top reasons why golfers can’t seem to get enough of Naples.

1. Wonderful Weather

The southern sun and fresh ocean breeze pair to create the ultimate climate for golfing. Here, golfers enjoy the ultimate escape on gorgeous greens with views of the water. The wonderful weather of Naples draws golfers in from all over the world--especially those from cooler climates who want to escape to a warm and beautiful oasis.

2. Couples Golf Options

Naples is always looking to shake things up in order to create exciting new experiences. One of these fun, fresh activities is couples golf. If you’d like to take your loved one out for a swing, this is the perfect place to do so. Whether you’re in the mood for some friendly competition or a date night out, couples golf is for you.
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for additional golfing events and tournaments in Naples, as there’s always something new on the calendar.

3. Exclusive Golf Clubs

Another reason that golfers choose to visit or live in Naples is thanks to the abundance of exclusive golf clubs in the area. Although Naples is home to a variety of courses—both public and private—to fit all budgets, the exclusive clubs of Naples hold high prestige and desirability. 

Lavish amenities, pristine greens, and highly-rated courses make the membership fees of these clubs worth it. Check out the most exclusive clubs in the area if you’re ready for the ultimate luxury golf experience.

4. The Area to Be

In addition to providing excellent courses, there’s plenty to do in Naples after a round of golf. When golfers are ready to take a break, they can kick back and relax by enjoying an upscale dining experience or exploring the nearby ocean. 

Naples is also home to a handful of luxurious hotels and rental properties, so golfers can feel at home while they are away on a trip. 

Naples is a golfer’s paradise, which is why they keep coming back for more rounds. For more information on golf tournaments and other happenings in Naples, check out our blog. Here, we feature high-profile events as well as Naples luxury real estate.


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