4 Reasons Boaters Love Aqualane Shores



The top four reasons boaters flock to Aqualane Shores.

Many homebuyers are drawn to properties on the Aqualane Shores waterfront, but those who enjoy boating tend to be particularly interested. Boaters with large yachts can enjoy Aqualane Shores waterfront homes for many reasons. Here we’ll discuss just how impressive homes in Aqualane Shores are--especially considering that you can park your boat in the backyard.

1. Deep Water 

There are over 350 homesites across the 300 acres of land that comprise Aqualane Shores. These lots are fully within the city limits of Naples and showcase spectacular waterfront estates. In Aqualane shores, there are bigger lots and even bigger canals.

The wide, deep water canals allow for all types of boats to be housed in the backyards of Aqualane Shores homes. The canals can carry powerboats, yachts, fishing boats, sailboats, and most other forms of watercraft. This deep water allows for safe passage of even the most massive boats, and some homes even have boathouses, covered docs, and cut-in slips to house them. Plus, this location puts you within walking distance of the beach as well as Third Street South, home to some of the most famous restaurants and boutiques.

2. No-Bridge Access to the Gulf of Mexico

A property in Aqualane shores not only encompasses backyard boat parking, but it also includes straight access to the Gulf of Mexico, Naples Bay, and the Intercoastal Waterways. You’ll be able to sail through Gordon Pass to the Gulf of Mexico without having to cross any bridges. No-bridge ocean access keeps your boat safe and your travels shorter, allowing you to save time traveling and spend more time fishing, sailing, or relaxing out on the open water.

3. Outdoor Enthusiast’s Paradise

No matter what your preferred water or coastal activity is, you’ll have direct access to your hobbies while living in Aqualane Shores. Enjoy a day of boating, sea kayaking, fishing, sailing, or stand up paddleboarding off the conveniently located shores of your home. You can also stay on the shoreline for a day of walking, running, cycling, relaxing, and enjoying beach activities. Outdoor enthusiasts of all types can enjoy daily fun in the sun just steps outside of their home in Aqualane Shores.

4. Convenience

Having a boat docked just steps away from home is incredibly convenient for those who like to get out on the water. Plus, Aqualane Shores is conveniently located near amazing restaurants and high-end Naples boutiques so you can have car-free days. Hop on your boat, bike, golf cart, or walk to your next destination from your centrally-located Aqualane Shores home.

These are four highlights of living in Aqualane shores, but there are many more reasons boaters love living here. Between docking directly on your property, shoreline activities, and spectacular sunsets, there’s much to love about Aqualane Shores. If you’re interested in scoping out these waterfront properties, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you—and your boat—find the home of your dreams. 


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