2014 Record Breaking First Quarter For Florida Tourism - By Scott Pearson


A half-million more visitors came to Florida this year over a record-breaking 2013. Last year the first quarter had 26.2 million visitors compared to 26.7 million this year. The state legislature allocated close to 65 million more this year than last to promote state tourism. 

2013 had 94.3 million visitors compared to the record low of 80.8 million in 2009 according to Visit Florida. 

The article (See below) goes on to say that the extra revenue generated from more visitors has 'put money into state coffers to pay off state debt, the lessened tax burden on Florida residents, and contributed to funding infrastructure.

It is clearly busier in the off-season down here visibly noted by increased traffic and people. Hotel vacancies are low, room rentals are up 10% in the first 6 months of the year. Florida is 11.4% ahead of last year's to-date visitor spending of $759 million US dollars.


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